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Sunrise Construction and Remodeling has been providing superior contractor services to the Austin, TX area for more than 20 years. In that time, we have accumulated a vast well of knowledge and skill allowing us to approach any project, small or large, head on. We’ve also developed our creativity to enable us to come up with functional, attractive solutions to common and unusual home remodeling problems alike. Contact us today or learn more about our home construction and remodeling services! We will gladly assist you with:

• New home construction
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• Bathroom design and remodeling
• Deck installation
• Outdoor kitchen construction
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How to Improve Property Value During a Remodel

Sometimes, a remodel you love has the adverse effect of lowering your property value. It can be hard to know which way to turn and what to avoid when you’re considering a home remodel or renovation with the ultimate goal of increasing your property’s value. It’s always important to keep your neighborhood and—should you decide sell later on—potential buyers in mind. Make sure any additions or remodels you do fit the style of your home and its surroundings. Easy ways to increase property value include:

• Paint! Giving your rooms a fresh coat in a modern color can give any room a much-needed facelift and is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel new again.
• Upgrade your appliances. Sleek, energy efficient models are much more appealing than older, clunky models that show their age and cost more money to power.
• If you’re low on bathrooms, add another! Whether it’s a full-bath or a half-bath, you’re property value will skyrocket.
• Install energy efficient windows. Energy Star-rated windows can save you a big chunk of money on your yearly energy bill.
• Add a deck or sunroom. An outdoor space to entertain and relax appeals to the majority of home buyers.
• Keep your home in good repair. Perform regular maintenance, fix things as soon as they break, and stay on top of any recurring issues.

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